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Get more customers for your Canadian mortgage, credit repair and foreclosure relief business. We provide real time and cherry pick leads.

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We've developed an amazing system to provide you with leads and to help you with your own internet lead generation. Try it risk free.
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Sign up for a free account and after approval, immediately receive a small credit to spend on leads of your choice: pick from thousands of available leads!
Risk Free
Start small with a $50.00 minimum deposit. Pick up to 3 leads to begin with. In the unlikely case you are dissatisfied with the first 3 leads - simply email us. We will return 100% of your First Deposit with NO Questions and NO Fees.
No Fees, No Contracts
There are no hidden fees or monthly fees. Sign up is free, 100% of your funds apply towards leads purchased.
How It Works
1. Prospect starts application form on one of our websites (not this one).
2. Matching offers appear as data being entered.
3. If the form is complete, it becomes a lead available to members.

Every day brings 100's of fresh leads. Every day thousands of existing aged leads get discounted.

Incoming leads become available immediately and get discounted daily.
Cherry Pick
Review and Pick Leads
Browse and buy the leads you like. Receive email alerts when specific leads come. Buy exclusive or at half of exclusive price. Start buying with as little as Can$50. No minimum order.
Leads get discounted daily. Browse and pick the leads you like at the price you like.

Sign up and pick free test leads.
Get Leads As They Come
Set up leads filter to receive leads as they come. Instantly estimate your leads volume and costs. Save time and receive leads to your email or CRM real time.

You can also set your filters to buy certain lead types when they get discounted.

There is no additional costs for that.
If you are a first-time customer, pick up to 3 leads to begin with. In the unlikely case you are dissatisfied with the first 3 leads and need a refund, simply email us.

We will return 100% of your First Deposit with NO Questions and NO Fees.
How We Generate Leads
In today's world we all use online marketing. After more than twelve years of search marketing experience, we know how convert clicks to prospects.

Leads generation is our only specialty: we do not write loans or call prospects. Immediately after prospects hit our "submit" buttons, the leads are sent to streamline filters or available on our web site.

You can get leads real time - we all know the value of being the first person to contact a customer. If you need cheaper bulk leads for your mass campaigns - get more leads for less: our leads get discounted daily.
How We Advertise
We promote our landing pages through all the largest search engines. With 30+ years of Microsoft Bing and Google Adwords cumulative experience, we build and manage state-of-the-art web sites and ppc campaigns.
Our Customers Love Us
"We're killing it with your leads" - Watch video testimonial here.
Kevin K.
Mortage Broker, Ontario
"Just had another Canada Leads mortgage fund, and I have one at the lawyer's office waiting to complete. Keep up the good work, you are truly the best lead source I have found."
Sandi M.
Broker, BC
"Thank you, Peter. I have to say that, one week into signing up with, I am very impressed with both the product you offer, and the level of customer service. I have had conversations with most of my leads and have had several applications and appointments set up. I have also been comfortable enough to refer two colleagues to the website, one of whom has signed up and has already purchased her first leads, and has had one application!"
Faye W.
Ottawa, Ontario
140 108
Real time internet leads generated and counting. One of the oldest providers on the market.
2 660
Registered users: mortgage, real estate, credit counseling and loan mitigation. We value our customers, some are with us for 10+ years
An average price of the lead sold, including fresh and aged leads.