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About Us is a Canadian mortgage prospecting company and premium supplier of fresh exclusive Canadian mortgage leads. We also provide credit repair leads and foreclosure leads.

What We Provide

For busy loan officers and one-man-shop companies we provide a unique choice of fresh exclusive leads that you can browse and pick on line.

We strive to provide you with a high volume of fresh leads at an average price two times lower than other on-line mortgage lead stores, and a closing ratio five times higher than bulk "three times sold" leads from lead brokers.

If you are a credit advisor or foreclosure loss mitigation specialist, youíll find no other company with leads system as transparent and easy to use as ours. owns a network of mortgage and finance marketing sites across Canada, and implements the most advanced technology available to maintain the reliability and quality of lead flow.

This network provides hundreds of leads per day with the highest of quality as every incoming application is filled out by the motivated customer ñ direct to you.

Our team is trained on mortgage origination and is well versed in the mortgage and banking industry, that's why we implemented the automated discounting process, ensuring that every lead is priced according to its real value.

How it Works

  1. You set up an account with us (sign up below for free)
  2. You fund your account and use the funds to buy leads. Leads are priced according to several factors such as deal size, lead age, and exclusivity.
  3. You can set up automatic filters to select leads and have them sent to you as they come in - fresh and hot for followup.
  4. You can login daily or even several times per day to pick leads which your filters may not have selected.
  5. You follow up the leads and close the deals as best you can.
  6. We keep pumping in fresh leads using our proprietary internet lead marketing systems.

Our goal is to have happy repeat customers who invest less per lead than the average income they generate from the leads. Like this one:

In some cases, we may generate too many leads, or value leads higher than the market demands.

In these cases, our system reduces the lead price automatically until all leads are sold.

Keep watching our leads and get the ones you like at the price you need.

It is our pleasure to be your #1 source for internet mortgage, credit repair and foreclosure leads and we are positive that you will become one of the many companies that thank us for helping them to succeed.

We appreciate your business.

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