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"This is a great site for getting leads. I as able to get an appointment next day after getting the lead. You are able to view information on the leads before purchasing. One of the best feature of the site is that you can purchase leads individually and not in the bulk. No minimum is required. Overall great site."

- Laverne, Mortgage Agent, Toronto, Ontario


How To Test Our Leads Risk-Free

If you would like to see how many leads you would receive based on the filter scenarios you have in mind including specific Provinces with specific LTV’s etc., use our Instant Lead Traffic Estimator to see how many leads match your filter, as well as average lead price for your filter. The lead traffic estimator can be found at filter set-up page.

To start, please sign up for a free account. An account activation link will be e-mailed to you upon the opening of your account. Once your account is activated, sign in and click on the button in your tool bar that says "stream." This will allow you to set up your filters specific to the types of leads you are looking for. NOTE that when you activate your account we automatically create 1 email notification filter for your province. If you want to expand to other provinces or change to auto-buy, simply edit this filter or make new ones.

Remember, if you prefer to see the comment section of the leads before you buy you can always use our cherry picking option to buy the leads.

Your Account Features

You can see the "Account" button on the tool bar at the top of the listing page once you sign in. This feature allows for you to view your personal account details and make some changes if ever necessary.

List view: Narrow Your Search

  • by city and postal code so that you can find the leads that are sitting in your own back yard;
  • by customer comments. For instance, if you are looking for clients that are in "foreclosure" or "bankruptcy" you only need to put those key words into the "search by keyword" box. If your key words show up in any of the customer comment sections, than these leads will be made available for you to view and to buy;
  • by commercial property only: you can set your filter specific to multi-family units of up to four units, or multi family units of five or more units;
  • avoid seeing the leads you have already purchased when looking at our available leads pages. To take advantage of this option, log in, click "Account" and then click "Options" Tab. At the Options Tab screen, check/uncheck the “Show my purchases in lead list” box next to the “Lead list options”. If you check the box, the leads you purchased earlier will be seen on the available leads pages and marked with the green check symbol. Remember, you must be logged in to see the grren marks next to the leads you already purchased. When you uncheck the “Show my purchases in lead list” box – the leads you already purchased will not be visible, and you can be sure that you will not buy the same lead twice.

Export your Leads to MS Excel

In order to export the leads you already purchased, log-in, click on "My Leads," and use the export feature at the bottom of the page to download your leads onto MS Excel spread sheet.

Orders View, Exporting Leads by Orders

Manage your leads "order by order" - same as "My Leads" allows the "lead by lead" management. You can find your previously purchased orders too: our system will store up to 20 orders for you. Download your entire order into one spreadsheet or pdf file immediately after purchasing it. This tool will be a big help for you when it comes to managing your lead orders that range into the hundreds and the thousands of leads.

Bulk Search, Bulk Leads Purchase, Bulk Leads Export

Buy large amounts of leads easily using our "Bulk Search" tool. Bulk search (lead list creation tool) allows:

* price specific search
* you see the lead amount but don't see the leads and don't have to add them to Cart one by one
* at the end of the search you can add leads to Cart and review them before checkout
* ideal for buying leads in large quantities

Download leads from "My Orders" section in PDF to view with Adobe Acrobat Reader, as well as in MS Excel formats;

Discount System: Streamline and Weekly Discounts

Streamline Discount has a Lead Streamline system that can be put in place to have your leads purchased automatically by our system upon arrival, and e-mailed directly to you. A 10% discount will be applied to every lead purchased with the Streamline filter.

See Peter explaining two ways you can get leads - manual cherry pick or automatic streamline:

To set up the Streamline to purchase leads automatically upon arrival use the following steps:

1. Log into lead store by clicking "Log In" button at the top.
2. Open the Streamline setup page by clicking "Stream" button.
3. Create Streamline filter by following the link "Create filter to buy leads upon arrival".
4. Confugure the parameters of the lead you want to be purchased upon arrival.
5. Ensure the field "When a lead matchs all the terms above" is set to "Buy" or "Buy Exclusive" and click OK.

The 10% streamline discount does not cover notification streamline filters as they don't provide lead delivery upon arrival - you only receive a notification when a new lead that matchs your criteria is available in our store. Keep in mind, you can have a filter in place and continue to visit our system and cherry pick the leads also.

Weekly Discount

Every week you have a discount that depends on the sales you made during the previous week. You receive a discount regardless of how you purchased the leads: either by streamline filter or by cherry picking. The only thing that matters is the total amount of your lead purchases. This discount is calculated on a weekly basis according to the table below.

Previous week sale amount Current week discount
$100.00 to $199.99 5%
$200.00 to $399.99 10%
$400.00 to $799.99 15%
$800.00 and above 20%

This discount adds to the 10% streamline discount (if you purchase leads using streamline option). Read more about our 10% streamline discount here. This discount adds to the deposit bonus you may receive if you deposit $200.00 or more. Read more about our deposit bonus here.

Example: lets say this week you deposit $500.00 plus the $60 (12%) deposit bonus you receive for a total of $560.00. You than spend $200 using the Streamline system (which includes the 10% streamline discount) and $240 cherry picking our leads at random. So now you have spent a total of $440.00 and you still have some money left in your account to buy our leads with.

What happens during the next week?
In this example, the next week you will have an additional 15% discount. And remember, you already received a 12% bonus when you made your initial deposit. If you have a buying streamline filter in place, you will receive an additional 10% discount on the leads purchased by the filter. That is why if you are taking advantage of our discounts and bonuses, your total discount will deliver many more leads for your buck.

Leads Lock

You have the ability to lock a lead if you do not want other loan officers to have access to it. If you buy a non exclusive lead from us and find that you are having success with that lead, you will now have the ability to lock the lead to prevent it from being sold to other customers. You can easily lock your leads by signing into your account and clicking on “My Leads.” Once you are in the “my leads” section of your account click on “lock.”

This will automatically lock the lead and remove it from our system preventing other loan officers from viewing the lead or from purchasing it. A non exclusive lead that has been sold multiple times is not eligible for locking.

The price of locking your lead will be equal or less to the amount you paid for the non exclusive lead. For instance, if you paid $10 for the lead, it would cost you $10 or less to lock it.

Buying Credit Repair and Foreclosure Leads

You can set your streamline filter specific to credit repair and foreclosure leads only.

Use our lead listing screen that allows for you to break your search down to “credit repair,” and “foreclosure leads” only. This cherry-pick screen is great for weeding out the leads you don’t want and can be found by signing in and clicking on “[+]Filtering” at the “advanced listing” screen top panel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Citations From Our Correspondence, Last Updated 10/28/2009

Where are you located/based out of? How long has your company been involved in this line of work?

We have a corporate office in Kelowna, BC. Our company has been in business since 1999 providing lead generation and internet marketing services. This site is a partnership with GlobalDataUSA, a similar platform and site that has been operating successfully in the USA. Our team members are made up of internet marketing experts, former mortgage loan officers and former bankers with years of experience.

Are you buying leads from another lead source?

No. We generate leads through our own web sites and we advertise on major search engines. See Peter explains where we get our fresh real time leads from:

Are you selling leads to other mortgage leads providers?

We are the only company selling our leads. That is why you can rely on the number of times it was sold shown when you list our leads.

I never had success with internet leads before. Why are you different?

Most mortgage lead companies sell their leads and leads lists as many times as they can. As a result they are continuously looking for new customers - since old customers are gone. We have a different approach. The loyalty and satisfaction of our current customers allows us to keep our lead prices low even if we are unable to sell 100% of the leads we generate.

See Peter explains 3 different methods of mortgage leads generation:

Could you tell me how your leads are generated?

We have our own web sites where customers can fill out an application if they are looking for a mortgage or a refinance. We advertise our web sites on such search engines as Yahoo and Google. We do not use spam mail for locating prospects. We have many web sites. Have a look at Our free mortgage quote referral site - it's one of them.

Is there a phone number to reach you guys in the event that I need to?

We prefer e-mails, and we are trying to be "true internet company " - it helps us to keep our leads affordable. We answer your e-mails as fast as we can usually in 1-2 hrs, but not more than 24 hrs. You can e-mail us and we will send you our direct phone numbers if you need. In case you need immediate help, you always can call us toll free (877)841-3391 (BC, Pacific Time Zone).

How did get started?

See the video below for a brief explanation:

I am working on Internet leads I buy from another company exclusively but they are not exclusive. My guess is that while you are selling me exclusive leads, you-we can not be sure the client hasn't gone to another site and the completion, true?

We can not say if the prospect went to another web site or not. What we can do is count our sales. When you see the amount of times sold, it is a true number. Statistically prospects welcome the first three calls they receive resulting from their application.

My experience with purchasing leads is a very distasteful one. The company I dealt with provided leads that were old. Are your leads recycled?

No, we do not “recycle” or fake leads. We put leads on our system immediately. The moment a prospect hits the “submit button”, and is not a test or clearly bogus lead, it appears on our site so you can be 100% sure that our leads come to you fresh right down to the day if not the minute. We also automatically fund all new accounts with $2 when you sign - so you can download any $2 lead and see how fresh and real it is.

After reading your information it sounds just like all of the other companies. There is nothing that distinguishes your company from the rest.

We did not invent the mortgage lead business; however, we did take a different approach.

I get mine for 7 cents per lead. What makes yours worth 2$per lead??? Are they fresher or something??

7 cents sounds great. Are they census leads - people who are considered to be good prospects due to their demographic data?

How is it possible that the price is only $2- I have been quoted $50!

We generate our leads, we are not lead brokers. When the leads come in, the system prices them automatically. The price depends on the lead type, the loan amount, and LTV. The price is discounting daily as the lead gets older. After few days in system the lead must loose 50% of the price.

Are the leads from direct internet inquires and routed to me or are you gathering information from title companies?

They are direct and real time internet inquiries. We run web sites where people are redirected if they are actively looking for a loan using search engines.

How many leads would you recommend if I’am the only person working on them?

We would say 5-8 leads per day would be okay for one loan officer. If you are only licensed in one Province than we would suggest as many as we can provide.

Is a full application taken before I receive the lead?

No. Only a short application is taken with the necessary information to get you started.

Do you run their credit?

No we don’t. We have four credit grades in our application. Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. Prospects evaluate the credit themselves.

I'm guessing internet prospects are actively searching the internet for the best rates?

Not really. Since we run search engine ads, we know for sure what they enter as a search phrase. Only a small fraction of people are searching for better rates.

Do you have commercial leads?

We have a certain amount of multi-family leads. Some of them should definitely fall into the commercial category.

What is your Closing Ratio?

We built our system to let you choose prospects to contact. You can use our tool allowing you to narrow your search criteria. You can see all information provided including lead comment. The lead quality is one contributing factor to the closing ratio. When working with us you can choose the prospects you want to call. Some loan officers prefer C-credit (Fair and Poor in our classification), some like refi’s, some want purchases. We do not over sell our leads, your application ratio may be as high as 85%. Closing ratio depends on the type of leads you choose, your company, and your experience. Some customers report 40% closing ratios.

Sign up: Are there initial fees?

There are no fees. Sign up is free, you have no obligations. All your funds apply toward lead purchase. There is no "membership" fee. More, we fund each new customer account with $2 gift to let you test leads free.

Activation: Why do I need to activate my account?

We use the activation procedure to verify the lead delivery. Your e-mail must be valid. If you have a spam filter we want to be 100% sure that our e-mail came through.

I received your activation e-mail but there is nothing in it..

We can activate your account manually in case of any troubles with activation. We fund each new account with $2 to check how lead delivery works. Activate and download any $2 lead you like – to know if you’re able to receive it. Feel free to contact the prospect, just tell prospect that you received his/her internet application.

I didn't receive any activation letter, I wanted to log in to buy leads, and it is not allowing me to proceed. I entered my e-mail address and password, still not working.

E-mail us to activate your account. Troubles may happen if you have a spam filter working. We can activate your account manually and send you few leads or put you on trial to let you test how the system works with your e-mail.

First Deposit Returns: No offense, but the first time I try this I'm afraid to loose my money.

Try up to three leads. If you're dissatisfied with the first three leads you purchased - we will return 100% of your first deposit same day you request the refund.

See Peter explains how to start buying leads from us:

Refunds: I need to know how to return a lead.If I receive a lead having bad phone number, what should I do? Please instruct me on how to return a lead.

Please email us the lead ID#. We will check, delete this lead from our listing, and return your money. You can use the contact form in our web site. Usually it takes a few hours only to process your refund. Here is typical correspondence in regards to the refund:

  • I just tried to contact the client on the lead #1313. The telephone number is not good. Please credit my account for the $28.00 cost on this bad lead. Thank you.
  • Reply: We did refund your money. The lead #1313 is no longer in the system. Thank you.

Leads Delivery. What e-mail should I use when registering? Is this my personal
email address?

We deliver leads by e-mail. That is why we need a valid e-mail address; also we implement our account activation procedure for e-mail delivery validation. You can see previously purchased leads on-line using our system at the “My Leads” section. You can tune your account to receive e-mail reminding you each time when the lead you would like to browse arrives. You can also set-up your account to receive real-time leads according to your criteria.

I need to see my leads on-line.

You should be able to find the lead in your in-coming e-mails. Also you can log into the web site and go to the “My Leads” section and see your leads on line. (For the last three months).

I need to list only my Province, not all the leads.

Please use the Province Filter to narrow your search in listing.

Can I refine the geographical area within provinces?

Yes, in fact we suggest you have 3 filters as a minimum per province:

  1. Email notification for all leads in the province, so you can cherry pick leads that aren't bought
  2. Main buying filter for whole province or large region w/ medium criteria
  3. Local buying filter using FSA's (see video below) and WIDER criteria as close rate will be higher due to proximity.

I need to download my leads in Excel and in Pdf formats.

Please use download tools in "My Leads" to download leads in csv, excel and pdf formats.

Lead Prices: Why prices vary?

The system is pricing new leads according to the lead type, loan amount, LTV etc. All leads in the system are discounted daily. Pricing procedures are automatic.

The leads that are exclusive - do they go back into the lead pool for other people to purchase and call?

No, when you buy a lead exclusive it will be locked and removed from the store for you. Only leads not sold to anyone else can be purchased as exclusive. Enjoy true exclusive leads!

See Peter explains exclusive leads vs. non-exclusive and how to get leads cheap but lock out other users when the prospect is hot:

How do I order exclusive leads? Why do some leads disappear from the list? What's the difference between reminders and lead purchase filters?

If you purchase a lead using the right box (exclusive) the lead disappears and is no longer available. That is why sometimes you can't find them in the listing. Two types of filters allow you to choose if you want to see leads before purchase or you want to buy your leads in automatic mode.

Can I buy leads exclusive? How many times leads can the lead be sold? Why are some types of leads delivered to me in lower volume that your system estimates?

If you choose to buy certain type of leads exclusive, just set up your filter. You can decide to buy certain types of leads exclusive, and others – non exclusive. Non exclusive leads can be sold up to 5 times only. In reality, this rarely occurs and average lead never matches 5 filters of different users. Certain leads could be in high demand. If different users set up several exclusive filters for the same lead, the leads are randomly distributed between them.

What’s s the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive?

Once you order and receive a lead exclusively the system will not be sending it to anyone else.

How many filters can I set up? How can I set up different LTV for purchase and refi?

Create as many filters as you want. Use different parameter sets for different types of leads and different Provinces.

Some of the numbers that we have been calling are either disconnected or we are getting no answer at all.

We always refund your money for leads with disconnected numbers. Give us the lead ID#. If you calling for a couple of days and nobody answers, and you not sure that the number is good, keep calling. You can call the customer as long as you need. If you can't access customer during one week, and feel the contact may be bogus, please report and we may refund your money.

Does anybody call these leads when they submit info to make sure they are serious?

Nobody calls them before posting. The lead comment which we make visible for you can help to qualify if buyer have an urgency.

It doesn't seem as though there are a lot of leads available.

Many leads disappear from the list - when our customers buy leads as exclusive. To save your time and to not miss good leads you can set up Streamline Filter (in one or several Provinces) – to receive automatic e-mails when your perfect lead arrives. Or, you can set up an automatic lead delivery filters for certain lead types and Provinces.


"Peter - I tried a referral from your website already and the response was surprisingly good..I talked with the client and have already sent out a mortgage application to do a Pre-approval... very nice!!!"

- Shane, Mortgage Consultant, BC

"I just want to let you know that I am signing a commitment with a lead from CanadaLeads today. ...I'm having a great experience with CanadaLeads.Thanks again."

- Gary M., ON

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