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The leads you want at the price you want! Aged Leads Streamline introduction

News archive, February 2009

The main idea behind our unique pricing policy is to ensure that every prospect that shops for a mortgage on our web site receives a call from a loan officer. That’s why many leads go below the cost of what we pay to search engines.

Taking advantage of our pricing policy just got easier. Those of you who regularly buy our aged leads now have a more efficient way of doing it. Just set a filter that allows you to purchase leads at a price you believe is reasonable to pay. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

For instance, let’s assume you need prospects looking to refinance with a house value of $250K or more, but don’t want to pay big bucks for real time leads. No problem, set the filter to a price you like and once the lead meets that price we will deliver it to you.

You may say, that doesn’t work for me…

Well, we do prefer you to buy them fresh, and of course you always can if you so choose. However, there are certain leads that make sense to buy aged. Purchase leads for example. Let’s say an average purchase lead comes in fresh at $5, factor in the 10% discount you get when you order leads by streamline, and the bonus you may earn when depositing money. Your lead could meet your perfect price in no time at all.

Now, you look at that same $5 lead, and you may feel that $3 or less is much more reasonable. No problem, just set your streamline filter to “buy” at a price of $3 or less, check your other parameters like states, credit score, ltv, etc. Once that lead hits $3 or less, we will deliver it to you.

If you choose, some of your leads will be delivered to you fresh or in real time, some will be delivered one week old, some two weeks old. As far as purchase leads are concerned, 90% of our purchase leads reach $3 or less within two weeks. Why not use this new feature as a great way to save another 10% by ordering them by streamline?

To set up the Streamline to purchase leads automatically when they reach a certain price, use the following steps:

1. Log into lead store by clicking the “Log In” button at the top of the leads page.
2. Open the Streamline setup page by clicking the “Stream” button.
3. Create a Streamline filter by following the link “Create filter to buy leads when they reach certain price”. Configure the parameters of the lead you want to be purchased including maximum price box and Lead age box.
4. Ensure the field “When a lead matches all the terms above” is set to “Buy” or “Buy Exclusive” and click OK.
5. Click the Estimator button to predict the lead traffic for your filter

By setting your filter to “buy” you are in fact helping us determine what kind of leads to concentrate on. Even if you buy leads aged and cheap, we see the demand and increase our search engine bids and add relevant keywords to get more exposure and obtain more of the leads our customers are looking for.

We are pleased to see more and more users taking advantage of our 10% streamline discount with improvements in our filters system. Remember, you always have the option of cherry picking more leads anytime you need prospects to call.

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