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Just want to thank you! My closing ratio comes two times better - your leads are the best I ever had!

Daniel Li, NY

I'm saving now at least $400/month comparing with the leads I purchased before. Even your discount leads are as good as other's $60/lead exclusive! I would say your leads are even better!

Rich B., PA

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See How Easily You Can Earn Extra $1,000 - $2,000 Weekly

Why Some Loan Officers Almost Never Have a Bad Day at Work?

An average loan officer in an average mortgage company decided to close at least one loan per week guaranteed. To buy or not to buy mortgage leads?

What matters most when purchasing mortgage leads is Return On Investment (ROI). Prior to visiting our Web site the officer deciding to invest in "at least one closing per week" had only two reasonable choices of leads:
- 10 fresh leads on average price of $20 per lead, or,
- 50 bulk (not trash) leads from lead brokers on average price $4 per lead;
What to choose - it depends. In both cases weekly prospecting costs are $200.

If the leads are OK, in a week we will see applications coming. How many? From what we have seen this number usually is one-two. How many will close? We think half (1/2-1). Some mortgage lead companies claim you will close 2 - 3 but we recommend going with the lower numbers.

First of all, as we see, 10 fresh or 50 good bulk leads per week is probably enough to close one loan per week. To calculate ROI we take an average loan amount as $150,000 and the officer's average personal net commission as 0.7% of the loan amount. In other words our average loan officer adds from $500 to $1000 to his weekly paycheck. Additional profit is $300-$800/week. ROI is 250%-500%.

Good Investment - No more Bad Days at Work!

The Secret of Making Even More Money

First of all, cut your expenses. Don't buy junk leads and don't overpay for exclusive leads. We do not sell leads more than five times, and, in reality, as you can see in our Trade System, average lead is sold 0-2 times only. Get Cherry-pick Leads for a price of bulk! Your can buy up to 50 Good leads just for $100. Extra savings of $100 You can spend in many ways. Probably You'll decide to buy a five fresh exclusive leads for $12/lead and 8 unsold one-week-old leads for $5/lead. We know from what we have seen, that the number of weekly closed loans should be At Least Two-Three now! An average loan officer will be able to earn extra $1,000 to $2,000 weekly. Even pessimistic additional weekly profit estimation is $800-$1800 with 500%-1000% ROI.

You Don't Need a Huge Budget to Double and Triple the Number of Loans You Close Every Week

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