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Start buying leads you like for as little as $50.

You don't have to buy bulk leads, or invest thousands of dollars in risky mail campaigns, or be forced to make a minimum order of 50 leads to try them out.

Every day you will see new leads in our on-line Lead System, and receive email alerts when they come in according to your criteria.

Just Log-in, View, Search and Buy the leads you like.

But there is more...

With you can buy leads you like at the price you like. Our leads are discounted daily. Why? Because our Lead System is a true marketplace where prospects looking for home loans are matching with agents and brokers. Read on for details.

Lead Pricing and Discounting

We implement a reverse auction System where some leads are sold in seconds and some waiting for a response for a week or more. Fresh leads are priced automatically based on lead type, home value and LTV.

As leads "age", they are steadily and quickly discounted on a daily basis.

Lead Exclusivity

When a mortgage lead has arrived, you can buy the lead on EXCLUSIVE basis. This means that only you will be prospecting that particular customer and lead is removed from the store forever.


  • Never wait for incoming calls from poor ROI old-school media, instead call and email back prospects who WANT to hear from you.
  • Stop dealing with telemarketing-weary and low quality prospects, but have fun working to help people who INITIATED the process.
  • Talk to Borrowers that have requested financing TODAY. We deliver leads immediately - you'll find them in your e-mails in seconds after submission, so you can increase chances of engaging the prospect and closing the deal.
  • Save on marketing and advertising costs - pay only for the leads you want to invest in.
  • Increase closing ratios dramatically, as you work with eager prospect needs that match your strength and are looking for help.
  • Get more specific by selecting additional Filters to get notified OR buy only the leads that you really want, saving your time.
  • Buy discounted shared leads, so that the prospects pick the deal that's right for them. We only sell leads up to 5 times and deals CAN be closed even if you're not the first buyer.
  • Choose to order leads exclusively, and your Leads will not be re-sold, avoiding competition and fighting over the same prospect. Use this opportunity to increase your ROI further.
  • Return any bogus lead and see your account refunded in 24 hours, putting all the risk in our hands!

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*Our First Deposit Refund Guarantee: If you are a first-time customer, open an account choosing no more than 3 leads in our Trade System to begin with. Try them. In the unlikely case you are dissatisfied with the first 3 leads you buy from us - simply write us. We will return 100% of your First Deposit with NO Questions and NO Fees.

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