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Since I started to receive leads from CanadaLeads daily I never had a problem with prospecting.
Each of my brokers closes one loan or more every week now. CanadaLeads is a Good leads source.

S.B., PA

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Receive Fresh Leads Daily

Every morning you will come in to the office to find your leads on your screen and in your e-mail. Leads are coming based on your selection criteria often in minutes after prospects complete our application form. Since leads are coming "real-time" you can get the borrowers actually waiting for your call right now.

Buy the leads you want at the price you want! If you choose, some of your leads will be delivered to you fresh or in real time, some will be delivered one week old, some two weeks old. All lead prices are subject to automatic daily discount. It 30 days all leads reach $0.70 or less. Why not use this feature as a great way to save another 10% by ordering them by streamline?

Start receiving leads TODAY with as little as $50 - You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for mail campaigns, or have a minimum order of 50 leads to try them out. This is an incredible benefit for individual loan officers doing their own marketing.


  • Never depend on incoming calls any more.
  • Talk to Borrowers that have requested a mortgage TODAY even Same Minute! We deliver leads immediately - you'll find them in your e-mails in seconds after submission!
  • Save on marketing and advertising costs.
  • Increase closing ratios dramatically.
  • Get more specific by selecting additional Filters to receive only leads that you really want.
  • In addition to standard filters like States, LTV, Loan amount, Credit Rating, you can even implement maximum Lead Price filter. You can set-up weeekly spending limit. Those unique features and more are to provide you with more great leads for less!
  • Now you can order leads exclusively, and your Leads will not be re-sold - avoid competition! Use this opportunity to increase your ROI.
  • Return any bogus lead and see your account refunded in 24 hours!
  • Our customers are our friends. To eliminate any risk for new customers, we Guarantee 100% First Deposit Refund*.
  • CLOSE more loans with!

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*Our First Deposit Refund Guarantee: If you are a first-time customer, open an account choosing no more than 3 leads in our Trade System to begin with. Try them. In the unlikely case you are dissatisfied with the first 3 leads you buy from us - simply write us. We will return 100% of your First Deposit with NO Questions and NO Fees.

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